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Winterize Your RV

Some of the best nights you will spent in an RV are in October and November, with the windows cracked and golden leaves falling through the air.

And that’s where the warm and cozy feeling ends…

Shortly after, it’s time to put the RV away for winter. “Winterizing” is essential to avoid damage and ensure your RV will be ready to go again when spring arrives.

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Why winterization is important?

Winterizing means getting your RV ready for the freezing temperatures that come along with winter in most places.

In general, though, “winterizing” is the process of draining the plumbing system protecting it against damage during the cold winter months. Since RVs aren’t as well insulated as most sticks and bricks homes. Any water in your tanks or water lines can crack pipes and connection points if it freezes, which could make for costly repairs come springtime.

At RV Guy, you will find one stop solution for your RV winterization. Our expert mechanics can prepare RVs for your winter camping.