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RV Reroofing

RV Reroofing

Why RV Reroofing?

Water damage can be a nightmare for any RVer. It can develop problems like mold, mildew, and dry rot. RV is like a home, and you will not want these issues to harm your RV.
Therefore, overlooking roof maintenance will not only create these issues, but it will gradually destroy your RV.
If you are unsure about getting your RV reroofed, our experts will let you know everything your RV’s roof requires.

What Your RV Roof Need?

Knowing what type of repair you need for your RV roof can dissolve 50% of your concern.
Patchwork is required when there is slight damage to your RV roof.
This process is quick and can be done easily by using an RV roof patch.

Reroofing is done when your RV’s roof is wholly damaged after bearing lots of minor damages.
For this, you need to know about the material and tools to be used.

You will need experts like Golden RV Repair to identify what work your RV roof needs. Our
skilled team is capable of handling everything to maintain your RV roof.

Imagine All The Good Places You’ll Go!

Best RV roof materials

After being in this industry and doing lots of research work, our experts have classified the four
best materials for your RV roofing.

Ethyl Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Because of the durability of EPDM rubber, it is best for outdoor applications. They are strong and high-density synthetic rubber materials. Apart from being strong, it is pocket-friendly and dark in color, which makes it helpful in absorbing sunlight and retaining heat.

Thermal Poly Olefin (TPO)

The specialty of TPO rubber is that it reflects sunlight which enhances the working of your air condition system. However, it is less durable than EPDM and a little more pricey.


Compared to the roofs made of rubber, fiberglass roofs are more durable and need less maintenance. Their only concern is that they are apt to scratches and make your RV a bit heavy.


The best part about the aluminum roof is that they are cheap and require less maintenance. But they are not as durable as the rubber and fiberglass ones. They also absorb heat to a great extend.

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