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Oil Change

Regular oil changes are a necessary part of generator ownership for optimal engine operation and for smooth running of the RV. Changing the oil in your generator is probably one of the most important things an owner can do to ensure a high-quality function and to extend the life of the equipment itself. It improves engine and horsepower performance, allowing your generator to maximize the horsepower it puts out.

Of course, when talking about the benefits of an oil change for any engine, it is actually what the oil change is preventing that is the real motivation for including it in your routine maintenance schedule. Below are several major issues that can be a direct result of not changing the engine oil as recommended:

We at Golden RV Repair offer scheduled maintenance and Oil change services for your RV Generator. Call Us Today to book your RV Generator maintenance.

RV Generator Air Filter Replacement

To generate electricity, diesel  generators need the air for its combustion process within the engines. Air Filter is to filter solid particles such as dust, pollen and mold in the air. The device is composed of fibrous materials, which filter out unwanted materials to ensure that only clean air enters the combustion process. The impurities may be invisible but can cause engine wear. The damage-causing dust is harmful to your engine components like the cylinders, piston rings etc. The diesel generator can thus become less efficient, leading to high fuel consumption. Hence, air filter maintenance is crucial for the life expectancy of the diesel generator, and please make sure that genuine parts are used. Generally, the change frequency of an air filter depends on your actual running hours of the diesel generator sets. We at Golden RV Repair can check your Generator engine air filters to determine the usability of the filter and whether it needs a replacement or not. Call Us Today to book your RV Generator maintenance.

RV Generator Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel filters block dust and other harmful particles from entering the engine. Without fuel filters, some of the impurities can enter the engine and cause potential damages to fuel pumps and injectors. This ultimately affects the performance of the engine. Each diesel generator only functions with the specific type of fuel filter that it was designed for. Using other fuel filters will most likely damage your diesel generator. You can find the information of which type of fuel filter your diesel generator needs through the part number on the fuel filter. A fuel filter is designed to last on average of about 500 hours of the diesel generator being operational. That is roughly 20 days of continuous use before your fuel filters need to be changed and replaced from your diesel generator.

Changing the fuel filter is a relatively simple process, and can be performed by most people – provided that the requisite safety precautions are taken.

It is paramount that the fuel filters replacing the old ones are genuine, to ensure the maximum life expectancy of your diesel generator. If you are unsure, then Contact the team at Golden RV Repair today. They will assist you in sourcing the correct fuel filter for your specific diesel generator.

RV Generator Mechanical & Electrical Diagnostics

Over time the Generators in your RV can face issues related to wear and tear
due to continuous usage and application. If not maintained properly these wear
and tear in the generator can lead to a total system failure and can cause a huge
loss in your daily lifestyle and finances. We at Golden RV Repair provide a complete solution for the generator servicing and maintenance and ensure that the equipment is as good as new and doesn’t fail you at times of need. Call our
technicians today to know more about our RV Generator repair and maintenance services.

RV Generator Replacement

When the components are all in good shape and the generator still does not work as designed, then sometimes RV Generator Replacement is the only option available. A built-in RV generator is not a simple thing to replace, which is why a qualified RV mechanic should do this repair. The potential for damage to your motorhome’s body as well as the need to ensure proper and safe installation require an experienced and trained mechanic to do the job right. An RV generator eventually will give out, and built-in models can be particularly troublesome. With an RV body shop on site and qualified mechanics using the proper tools, we can do a full RV generator replacement quickly and affordably. Call Us Today to know more about the convenient and affordable options for you RV Generator Replacements.