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RV Cleaning Services

When looking into getting the interior of your RV cleaned, it might seem that a dedicated RV cleaning service at Golden RV Repair is qualified enough to take care of any type of RV or level of service desired. Though in reality, it is rare to find a cleaning service that can offer a thorough interior cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or even odor removal. The majority of these types of services will be able to perform a wipe down but not a thorough RV interior detailing service like we do.

Our services

Interior Spruce Up (wipe down, vacuum, and carpet shampoo)

Cockpit Cleaning

Mold / Mildew Remediation

Severe Odor Removal

Bodily Fluid Clean Up

Interior Walls, Windows, windows Cleanup

Kitchen Trash cleaning

Polishing Wood and CounterTops.

Toilet cleaning and equipment replacements


Our all in one interior cleaning service includes vacuuming, deodorizing, disinfecting and hot steam cleaning of your RV. We use soap free and oxygen based cleaners to ensure safe outstanding results!

Our process is designed to get outstanding results for all interior RV carpet, fabric & upholstery. Our technicians will inspect the areas to be cleaned and note any trouble spots or damage. We prepare the areas for cleaning making sure your property is safely protected. We begin with pretreating the carpet, fabric & upholstery and our safe & powerful machine hot steam extraction process leaves your RV carpet, fabric & upholstery in brilliant condition and germ-free!

RV Exterior Upgrades

There is nothing worse than that chalky and dull look on white fiberglass. It will make even the most top-of-the-line RV’s look old and tired. Fiberglass oxidizes very quickly if left unprotected. Sometimes RV’s have seen more sun on one side than the other. Other times, the entire gel coat has been oxidized or lost its color. We have services that make sure your RV is looking its best