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About Us

About Us

Family-owned and operated

We are a family-owned company that cares about the customers and community we serve.

Fair & Competitive Prices

We keep our prices competitive to offer our customers the most value.

Prompt & Reliable Services

We ensure you receive the best service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Variety of Products & Services

We have the area's most extensive product and services department, readily available for any occasion.

Quality You Can Trust

We ensure prompt and reliable quality for those looking for excellent services.

We offer Affordable RV maintenance and repair services.

Welcome to The RV Guy, your trusted destination for professional and affordable RV repair services near you. Founded on family values, our team specializes in RV maintenance and repair, including body repair, collision repair, restoration services, paint and bodywork, roof repair, appliance repair, electrical repair, and plumbing repair. Our expert technicians are skilled in providing comprehensive RV collision repair solutions. Whether you need professional RV accident repair services or reliable collision repair for your vehicle, our experienced specialists have covered you. We offer quality repairs, fast turnaround times, and affordable rates.

At The RV Guy, we take pride in our expertise in RV restoration services. Our dedicated team can revitalize your RV, bringing back its beauty and functionality. We also provide top-notch RV paint and bodywork services to give your vehicle a fresh and stunning appearance.

In addition, we offer efficient RV roof repair to protect your RV from the elements. Our technicians are well-versed in RV appliance repair, electrical repair, and plumbing repair, ensuring all the essential systems of your RV are in excellent working order.

Whether you require routine maintenance or emergency repairs, the RV Guy meets your needs. Contact us today for reliable and trusted RV repair services that exceed your expectations.

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Cuddle Officer

Our Story

Matthew Steenbergh is a driven individual who embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurship journey. At 12, Matthew began his work experience, managing a paper route at a local restaurant. He saved enough funds to construct his ice rink through sheer dedication and perseverance, igniting his passion for hand-building and innovation. After years in the demanding construction industry, Matthew sought a change and transitioned into the hospitality sector. Climbing the ranks, he eventually assumed the role of Director of Event Operations. However, when the pandemic struck, Matthew and his team embarked on a transformative expedition throughout the United States. Upon their return, fate intervened as a mutual friend connected Matthew with RV business owner Jared in search of a successor. Within weeks, Matthew successfully assumed ownership of Jared’s business. Despite financial constraints, he ingeniously rented three parking spaces instead of an office building. Matthew and his colleague, Alex, braved the elements to cultivate their venture for four grueling months. Thanks to their unwavering commitment and the satisfaction of their customers, the business flourished organically.

Though the journey had its fair share of challenges, Matthew’s determination, coupled with the unwavering support of his team, propelled the business forward. Guided by core values of teamwork, mutual respect, and effective collaboration, the company achieved remarkable success quickly.

Today, Matthew Steenbergh manages two thriving buildings and oversees a business that continues to thrive and expand.

- Matthew Steenbergh